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“The book was a fun read and did a great job of succinctly laying out how companies should be looking at the relationship between IT and the business. I very much enjoyed it!” – Jonathan Robinson, Intranet Governance and Operations Consultant, Target

Why I Wrote The Newman Adjustment

Having been on both sides of the software-business continuum, I have seen the issues from both sides and more often than not, it comes down to miscommunications. The problem with miscommunications is that no one knows it happened until it is too late. People leave a meeting thinking there is an understanding when in reality, they are further apart.

Why does this miscommunication happen? Because we all have our own unique experiences so one sentence means something to one person while the same exact sentence means something different to another person.

For example, Bob, a sales manager, tells Ben, Bob’s software counterpart, that he would like to see a P&L (profit and loss) report. Bob knows that he is strategically looking across all lines of business while Ben believes Bob wants the P&L report for the last line of business they discussed. Bob’s request was unclear and vague. But Ben also didn’t ask the proper questions and made assumptions. This is guaranteed to result in rework, extra time and costs and frustration on both sides.

While this is a simple example, these types of miscommunications unknowingly occur every day. I believe they are also avoidable. The Newman Adjustment is a business fable that shows how people like Bob and Ben can get past these misunderstandings and work together to succeed. It isn’t a matter of Bob changing or Ben changing – success depends on both Bob and Ben changing together. I hope you enjoy it!

The Newman Adjustment’s Audience

This book is for people that work in the software world and for the business people that work with and/or receive the output from their software colleagues. The Newman Adjustment was deliberately designed for busy business and technical professionals and can be read quickly. Despite its brevity, it delivers numerous ideas and tactics that will help companies improve productivity and avoid miscommunication, low morale, cost overruns, delays, failure to live up to expectations and lost opportunities.

By following John Newman’s new career at TypTown, the reader can see the impact of what is happening from both an individual and an organizational perspective. This book is for, among others:

  • Executives
  • Software managers
  • Software and application developers
  • Business managers
  • Business analysts
  • Change agents

My Qualifications

Varied roles in both software and business along with a proven ability to improve processes and implement change has given me a multilayered view of how business and software can successfully connect. I have sat at the table with a software viewpoint and I have also interacted with software people from the business side. I’ve seen what has been successful and, sadly, what has failed.

One of the most meaningful compliments I received was that I can “see the forest and the trees.” I can understand the strategic vision while paying attention to the details.

For my coding, testing, business analysis, change management and communication work, I have worked with General Motors, Target, Cargill, Medtronic, General Dynamics C4 Systems, EDS, Ameriprise and others. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Minnesota State University, Mankato and a Master of Arts in Human Resource Development with a concentration in Organization Development from the University of St. Thomas.

Buy it today! Click here to order.